SIP Roof Types, the best choices for budgeting

SIP Roof types can be an inexpensive way to build a well insulated enclosure.  SIP roof types such as a monoslope or shed roof constructed with SIPs are an energy efficient alternative.  Buildings up to 20 feet wide with flat or shed roofs are ideal for this system.  Buildings up to 40 feet wide can use a semi-monoslope construction with only columns and a ridge beam down the center.

SIP roof types include:

Different sip roof types

  • Monoslope  with SIP walls and Roof
  • Gable with Roof Beam SIP walls and Roof
  • Two Story with SIP Walls and Roof
  • Steel Frame with SIP Walls and Roof
  • Timber Frame with SIP Walls and Roof
  • SIP Walls with Roof Trusses
  • Story and a Half with Engineered Floor
  • Collar Ties SIP with Wall and Roofs

When trying to cut costs, a monoslope or shed roof  is your best SIP roof types option.  Your Gable roofs will be the next less expensive and then the most expensive is of course your Hip and Valley roof designs.

Structural Insulated Roof Panels come with subfacia, ridge, and gable cuts to make construction as easy as possible. You can choose the option that best fits your budget and design.

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