SIP Roof Panels

Utilizing SIP Roof Panels material sizes can save you time, labor cost, material cost and could help eliminate interior load bearing walls as well as structural roof support in your design. SIP Roof Panels layout

When we work with our clients,  we offer suggestions based on years of experience that will helps keep the cost of SIP Roof Panel projects as low as possible.  The’re several options on panel sizes.   Many roof applications can use a standard 8’ x 24’ SIP Rood Panel size which is considered a Jumbo Size Panel.  Although availability of “jumbo” OSB can be a major issue.

A typical SIP Roof Panel can be a:

  •  4’ x 8’
  •  8’ x 8’

When working with SIP Supply we’ll design the best option for your project, not the best option for us to manufacture.  However, when considering the speed of construction on larger roofs the jumbo panels 8’ x 24’ size OSB may be your best option.   SIP panels in many applications are also becoming a industry standard.   The cost of a SIP Roof project is dictated by the square footage, roof pitch, and roof design such as gable, flat mono sloped or hip. Your  hip & valley roofs will be in the most expensive and be more difficult to install.  A  job using 8’ x 13’ panels vs.  4′ x 12′ or 8′ x 12 foot will be much more expensive.  There are many factors is designing with SIPs, and we suggest that you work with us from the planning stages so we can help you and the architect you choose to design a SIP friendly design

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