Designing with SIP Roofs

Based on the design and the way designing with SIP Roofs  (SIPs)  work, they have become a  perfect solution and well suited for roof construction be they commercial roofs, industrial SIP applications new construction of any type, SIP residential homes, home extension or replacement roofs of all kinds. Not only do we ship all panels pre-cut, and with insulation already fitted, we include all electrical boxes and conduit foamed into place and wire ready. In some applications and designs our Greenix panels can span from wall to ridge beam (in which we can supplied) usually without any further support. This means that the roof space can be left completely open to be used as further accommodation, storage or as a vaulted ceiling. (However remember that you still have to consider the area needed for HVAC and Electrical design)

Note: If your design calls for hips or valleys, these edges usually need to be supported with valley beams or hip rafters.

Greenix roof panels can be used with the Greenix Panel wall system or on its own with other typical construction (brick and block or timber frame). They can be used as the roof structure itself or used to clad and insulate other roof structures (purlins, trusses, steel, LVL etc.) We can produce Greenix SIP roof panels that are very versatile and can be suited for most any roof configurations, (gable to gable, hipped, mansard or flat) SIPs will save you time and money and provide sealed envelopes and high levels of insulation not possible with other SIPs or stick frame construction.  SIPs do not need to be used on only new-builds either. As long as we have accurate dimensions, we can and have provided replacement roofs to add vital extra room and 2nd stories to existing structures.

Below are a couple of roof designs, both completed using Greenix structural insulated panels; we have delivered products across the world. We’ve shipped from East Coast to West Coast and beat our competition that was located on the West Coast.

Designing with SIP Roofs

  Designing with SIP Roofs










We can build to most any design, you can design just like you would normally for typical stick frame and we can build to that design- We can manufacturer the panels to fit on most any designed structured, made to any size to work with traditional lumber sizes e.g. 3.5″, 5.5″ etc., You set up your walls with the main layer being insulation instead of framing. Panels are screwed together with spline already in place and no need to add dimensional lumber. With a lot of panel companies you have to manually frame sub fascia. With Greenix Panels,  all sub fascia is in place ready for your finished trim.

Caution:  What we have seen in the past with other SIPs manufacturers is that panels plans created and the panels manufactured usually require additional lumber, excessive cutting, causing a major waste factor that creates a mess delivered to the job-site without any support.  The Greenix Panel system is an accurate model that requires no cutting or extra work with all electrical boxes and conduits and opening precut and framed.

For roofs that require slopes or pitches you need a slope at the  tops of walls to match your roof pitch.  We precut beam pockets and precut wall panels to match you roof pitch.  Many of the SIP manufacturers that produce EPS type panels require you to cut these pitches on each panel at the jobsite.  Some even sell you a blank panel that requires you to fabricate the panel yourself. Some EPS panels you have to scoop the foam out to make the framing materials fit. Greenix panels will be ready to install without any cutting required.  You can fasten to trusses, glu-lam beams, LVL’s Purlins or rafters.  SIP Supply sells various sizes of specially designed screws to connect the SIP panels to structural members such as the glu-lams.


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